I Just Want Some Peace and Quiet!

When was the last time you were quiet enough to hear yourself think?

Many women have busy lives because of multiple responsibilities, but sometimes women have a hard time with just being quiet.

I was watching a TV show recently and the busy Mom was instructed to take some time to ‘put her feet up’, while her family did chores. She couldn’t figure out what to do with herself. She was caught folding laundry and summarily sent out of the house so she would just quit doing stuff. Is that you? Are you failing to fill your own bucket by passing up opportunities to give yourself some peace and quiet?

Peace and quiet rejuvenates us in so many different ways. We become much more able to hear our own Wise Voice and make clear and powerful choices. We can ask ourselves what we really want and actually hear the answer.

There are lots of ways for busy women to get some peace and quiet:

  • Schedule a day, night, weekend away – by yourself!
  • Turn the radio off when you’re in the car alone
  • Take a walk by yourself
  • Lock yourself in the bathroom
  • Put time on the family schedule just for you
  • Train others – your family perhaps! – to leave you alone at a certain time
  • Meditate

What do you do for peace and quiet?

If you’re a ‘human doer’ more than a ‘human be-er’, then pick one from list above and give it a try. You may be a bit uncomfortable at first. Keep it up – make it a habit. You deserve some peace and quiet!

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