Do You Feel Like Cinderella?

Poor Cinderella.  Sweeping ash out of fireplaces, down on her knees scrubbing floors, cleaning and fetching, fetching and cleaning. Cinderella didn’t think this was going to be her life but now she’s at the bidding of those around her, and only able to dream of the life that she wants.  She feels trapped.

Do you sometimes feel like Cinderella – like you’re not living your own life? Like you somehow got stuck in roles and expectations that you don’t want?   That sucks!  Really.

What would have happened if Cinderella had just one day gotten up and gone to the forest to play with her bird friends?  What if she said no?  What if she decided that she was going to plant a garden, sell her vegetables, and hire someone else to do her chores? What if she did that instead of waiting for Prince Charming or her Fairy Godmother?

We’d certainly have a different fairy tale ending if that happened, and personally one I’d like a lot better.  While I admit there is an allure to Prince Charmings and Fairy Godmothers, waiting for those magical forces to appear in your life is pointless – sometimes they show up and sometimes they don’t.

When you’re waiting for something outside you to make your world different, then you’re not in charge of you.  You’re allowing someone else to be in control of you, your life, and how you feel. And that’s just plain silly.

So – good news, bad news.   You can be your own Fairy Godmother. That’s the good news.  It takes some effort.  For some, that feels like bad news.

But, it’s truly not all that hard.  Here’s how you start.

Let’s pretend. If you had a Fairy Godmother in front of you right now, magic wand, bibbly bobbly boo, and all, what would you wish for?  What would you wish to go away?  What would you wish to create?

Write those down please.  Really, write those down.  They’re important.

Pick one item.  Pick the one that you’re the most drawn to.  The one your Wise Voice is pestering you about.  The one that jumps off the page or you feel a shift in your belly when you read it.

What has to happen in order to move towards the magic that this change will create? What is the next right step?  Break it down, do it, and then figure out the next right thing.  Repeat.

Really – this is about you and the magic you can create in your life.  You’re in charge.  So pick up your wand and use it wisely.


  1. Mandy says

    In my version of Cinderella, YOU are the fairy godmother. And you say things like this (post). You don’t raise a wand. You walk me through my own muddle of unhappiness, get me thinking, and I go and turn the ball (my life) upside down, into a fantastically joyful event.

  2. Catherine says

    So sweet you are Mandy. I agree life can sometimes feel like a muddle, and I know you know, you’re the one with the magic wand. So good to ‘see’ you here!

  3. Mrs. Knit Whitt says

    It’s not that easy. For instance, I want a new job that pays what I make now….I don’t want more…just better….somewhere I am NOT given everything to do that nobody else wants to do….or just doesn’t do. I’m given it because they know I’ll do it and when I don’t do it fast enough….I’m “talked to” I tried talking to the boss and I was told I was wrong to say anything and I was given more work….more deadlines. I make good money and work very hard for it, but I cannot take on anymore, but I am being told to. Unfortunately, I am the breadwinner in my family and cannot just up and quit and hope for something better….and I can’t find a job starting out what took me 15 years to attain.

  4. Catherine says

    You’re right. It’s not easy. If it was I’m sure you would have yourself in a different situation. It sounds like you feel trapped, and that’s such an uncomfortable place. I hope you’re able to find what the next right step is for you, and if you feel so trapped that new ideas don’t seem possible, then I hope you have someone objective to talk this through with. Sometimes getting an objective take on things helps you to activate your own power. Good luck in your next right step.


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